NATO Hosts its Largest Maritime Unmanned Systems Exercise in Portugal

Largest Maritime Unmanned Systems Exercise

NATO Allies tested maritime unmanned vehicles and applications in multiple demanding scenarios during exercise REP(MUS) 19 in Portugal.


NATO Allies gathered in Troia, Portugal, to practice sharing information from unmanned platforms during Recognized Environmental Picture (Maritime Unmanned Systems), or REP(MUS) 19.


The exercise saw Allies using a variety of air and seaborne unmanned vehicles to collect intelligence in support of military and civilian operations. They also tested the JANUS protocol, a means of communicating with underwater vessels that was developed by NATO’s Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation.


Footage includes shots of various unmanned systems in action, Portuguese Marines raiding a beach while using intel collected by drones and Portuguese naval special forces boarding a ship. Footage also includes interviews with Kevin Moyer, Steering Board Chairman for NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative, and Andrea Bell-Miller, International Director for the US Program Executive Office and Head of the US delegation to the Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative.


Credit to : Natochannel