National Socialism WAS Socialism | Rethinking WW2 History

National Socialism WAS Socialism

Many people think that National Socialism is on the Far-Right of the political spectrum. But is this really the case? Adolf Hitler defined National Socialism as socialism; yes, he was actually a socialist. Therefore his regime was actually (technically) on the Far-Left. In this video, we will explore the ideology of one of the most evil regimes in human history and realise that we need to rethink our perception of the Eastern Front (Axis-Soviet Front) of WW2. Ultimately, what separates the Stalinist ideology from the National Socialist ideology is racism – which was central to the Nazi world view.


Credit to : Sgt. Alexandria Blanche, Cpl. Leilani Cervantes, Sgt. Victoria Decker, Cpl. Levi Guerra, Cpl. Mark Lowe and Cpl. Samuel Ruiz Marine Corps Air Station Miramar / 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

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