Monstrous 120mm Heavy Mortars in Action

120mm Mortar Systems in Action

Compilation of 120mm mortar systems in action. US Marine and Army mortar teams conduct live-fire exercises with the M327, M1129 Mortar Carrier, Soltam K6 Mortars.

Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1 or M327 – in service with the US Marine Corps as the M327 120mm Expeditionary Fire Support System is a heavy mortar of French origin. It was designed by Thomson-Brandt as the successor to the MO-120 AM-50. The RT in the designator stands for rayé, tracté, which means rifled, towed.

The Soltam K6 is a 120 mm mortar that was developed by Soltam Systems of Israel. It is the long-range version of the Soltam K5 and has replaced older systems, such as the 107-millimetre (4.2 in) M30, in several armies including the United States Army. It is much lighter than the M30, has a greater range, and can sustain a rate of fire of four rounds per minute, while the M30 could sustain only three.

The M1129 Mortar Carrier, is an 8×8 wheeled armored mortar carrier of the Stryker family of combat vehicles produced by General Dynamics Land Systems. It is in use with the United States Army.

The M106A3 mortar carrier is self-propelled artillery vehicle in service with the United States Army.