Moment Ukrainian Troops Come Under Artillery Fire as Kharkiv Attack Begins

Moment Ukrainian Troops Come Under Artillery Fire as Kharkiv Attack Begins

Russian troops are marching into Kharkiv region from multiple positions.

This unverified footage shows Ukrainian troops struggling under a Russian artillery bombardment in the country’s north east.

Footage shows soldiers walking into the northeastern border area of the country unchallenged.

Ukrainian troops have criticised the lack of preparation.

It was well known that an incursion on the border was likely to happen.

A solider took to social media, saying ‘The enemy freely entered the grey zone along the entire cordon line in two years, there should have been concrete fortifications… on the Ukrainian border!’

However, the governor of Kharkiv region maintained that the situation ‘is currently fully under control’, but admitted that delays in supply of weapons from the West had taken a toll on Ukrainian defence.
Recent attacks have forced civilians to the boarder town of Vovchansk and nearby villages as Russian troops surround them.
The advance comes as President Vladimir Putin removed Sergei Shoigu as Defence Minister.
The long-time Putin ally has been accused of taking bribes and overseeing more than 355,000 casualties among Russian troops.
He’s to be replaced by a civilian and former deputy prime minister, Andrei Belousov.
The shake up marks a significant move for Putin, after months of speculation that there is serious instability in the Kremlin.
Credit to : On Demand News

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