MAJOR COLLAPSE South of Bakhmut. Russian MoD Report Numerous Gains. CIA Secret Meeting With Zelensky

Latest updates from Russia

The head of the Pentagon announced a “tipping point” in the conflict in Ukraine:
In the Zaporozhye region, fighting intensified almost along the entire front line:
TASS: A series of explosions thundered in the Nikolaev region:
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the liberation of the village of Lobkove in the Zaporozhye region:
The Ministry of Defense confirmed the liberation of Kleshcheevka near Artemovsk:
According to LivemapUA, that’s a major collapse south of Bakhmut.:
It became known about the secret meeting in Kyiv of the head of the CIA with Zelensky:
Suvorov: Tanks Leopard and Challenger 2 are inferior to Russian models in rate of fire:
The £4million German tank dubbed ‘one of the best in the world’ is shown up in Syria: Leopard 2 bought by Turkey to fight British-backed Kurds has numerous faults exposed in lethal fashion:
Military Summary:

Credit to : iEarlGrey