LaRouche 100: “Beyond War, What Alternative Culture Do You Propose?”

What Alternative Culture Do You Propose

“Though many have belatedly awakened to the danger of imminent war between Russia and the United States, the world’s two largest thermonuclear military powers, why this is actually happening escapes them. In a recent address to co-thinkers in Peru, Schiller Institute founder and chairman, Helga ZEPP-LaRouche said that “the real reason behind this geopolitical crisis is that the systemic crisis of the neoliberal system is coming to a head. My late husband Lyndon LaRouche has made a forecast 50 years ago, in 1971, when President Nixon decoupled the dollar from the gold-reserve standard, and replaced fixed exchange rates with floating ones. My husband at that point said, if the world continues on that course of monetarism, sooner or later, the world would be faced with the danger of a new depression, new fascism, and even the danger of a new world war, unless a new financial system, and a new credit system would be implemented with a new, just world economic order.”
A new, just order must come from a higher cultural platform than the collapsing society to be replaced. Zepp -LaRouche’s policy proposal “Operation Ibn Sina” is a workable collaborative pathway to that higher ground. To discuss the real problem and solution, and the quality of future culture required to implement it, is the task of your participation in today’s discussion.”
Speakers include David Shavin and Marcia Baker.
Credit to : The LaRouche Organization