Landing Vehicle Tracked WW2 -Documentary

Landing Vehicle Tracked

This “restricted” World War II-era black-and-white film was produced by the US Navy to introduce the viewer to the LTV — the Landing Vehicle Tracked (an amphibious warfare vehicle and amphibious landing craft).


An LTV “narrates” the film as the vehicle is shown being utilized by US Marines (mark 00:52) on a test course. Maneuvering across the ditches and through mud, we’re told how it could also be used as a bridge if necessary, as we see at mark 01:30. An LTV emerges from a tank landing ship and hits an unidentified beach in the Pacific Ocean at mark 02:25 while taking fire. Combat footage fills the screen as the action is narrated including Japanese soldiers being burned from their hiding places by flamethrowers (mark 04:45).


LVTs are used to transport wounded Marines from the battlefield to hospital ships (mark 05:10) before returning to the firing lines, where a flamethrower is affixed to the vehicle (mark 05:55) “where we give that hill the hot foot — but good.” Following some routine maintenance, the LTV is ready for action while new vehicles that only recently rolled off assembly lines are ready for the war.


Credit to : PeriscopeFilm
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