“Kyiv’s Sabotage Group In Belgorod”, Putin Rushes More Troops To Bakhmut, Ukraine Seeks Gripen Jets

Kyiv’s Sabotage Group In Belgorod

Russia is reportedly bringing more forces into Bakhmut just a day after President Putin declared victory. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry claims its forces are still fighting in Bakhmut as Russian forces bring in reinforcements and supplies. Russia’s MoD claims targets at the Dnipro airfield were hit with long-range precision-guided air-launched weapons overnight. Zelensky’s aide, Mykailo Podolyak, said liberating Crimea with military force is “the only rational way to stop Russian aggressions”. Meanwhile, the governor of Russia’s Belgorod Oblast claims a Ukrainian army “sabotage group” had entered the country’s Graivoron district. The Kremlin said Putin had been informed of the incursion, and that work was underway to drive the “saboteurs” out. Kyiv says it has “nothing to do” with the combat operation in Belgorod Oblast reportedly carried out by Russian anti-government groups. Prigozhin blasted Russia’s military over the Belgorod incident, saying “today the special military operation turned into a full war”.

Credit CRUX

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