Kyiv kills 420 Russian Troops, Putin’s S-300 Destroyed, Iranian Military Advisers Killed In Crimea

Ukraine War

Ukraine’s top security official, Oleksiy Danilov, has confirmed that Iranian military advisers have been killed in Crimea. Kyiv said Russian troops heavily shelled the Kherson city, killing seven civilians and injuring 21 others . Ukraine said that Russian troops fired a total of 30 mines and shells at three communities in the Sumy region on Nov. 24. Ukrainian military intelligence claims that the Russian forces have created a defensive line in the Kherson region. UK has said that it is time for Ukraine to press its advantage in the face of “the poorly trained, poorly equipped” Russian troops.

Putin has urged the Russian defence industry to improve the quality of weapons they produce. A Putin ally has said that Russia will “send Ukraine back to the 18th century” by pushing ahead with attacks on energy facilities. NATO allies conducted a military exercise to test their defences in Romania, about a week after a stray missile crashed in Poland.

Credit CRUX