Kremlin Critic: Ukraine’s Reconstruction Funds should come out of Russia’s Pocket

Ukraine’s reconstruction funds should come out of Russia’s pocket

Russia’s frozen overseas assets can and should be used to fund Ukraine’s defense and its later reconstruction, UK-based financier-cum-activist Bill Browder told DW News. Browder waved away concerns that confiscating the estimated $300 billion worth of central bank reserves held in the UK, US and EU and frozen since the start of the war in 2022, could set a problematic precedent. “My argument is that Russia has so broken the international rulebook by invading Ukraine, that one can make a clear legal argument to confiscate this money,” he told DW Correspondent Ben Fajzullin. “And most importantly the money, it’s either going to come out of our pocket, or its going to come out of the Russians pocket. And Putin should pay before we pay for this war.” Browder is attending the annual World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, where he is pushing the issue.
Credit to : DW News

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