Kremenchuk Mall Attack A ‘War Crime’, Ukraine Calls Russia ‘Terror State’ | Russia Warns NATO of WW3

Ukraine War

Civilian death toll in the Russian missile attack on a shopping mall in Kremenchuk has risen to 18, as per reports. Nearly 1,000 civilians were estimated to be inside the busy mall at the time of the attack on June 27. Moscow’s ambassador to the UN has accused Ukraine for the attack on Kremenchuk shopping centre. At least 8 people were killed after Russian rocket hit a crowd collecting water from a tanker in the eastern city of Lysychansk.

Meanwhile, Former Russian President and Putin’s ally, Dmitry Medvedev, has warned the West against encroachment on Crimea. Medvedev said any NATO encroachment on Crimea would amount to a declaration of war on Russia and lead to World War III.

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Credit CRUX

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