Know Your Ally : Britain – WW2 Archive Film

Know Your Ally

On the war activities and the esprit de corps of the British, pointing out similarities to Americans, rectifying differences, and replying to accusations of German propagandists.


Reel 1 illustrates prewar complacence and early losses from German bombings. Chamberlain, Mussolini, and Hitler sign the Munich Pact. Men are inducted into the Army. Planes drop leaflets over Germany. Reel 2, Britain goes on the offensive: planes strafe ships, soldiers are stationed throughout the Empire, and troops cross North Africa.


Shows hordes of Italian (?) prisoners. Reel 3 compares legislative processes in the U.S. and Britain and explains the role of the crown and the relations between Britain and India. Shows several views of the Royal Family. Eden denounces negotiations with Hitler.


Churchill predicts German defeat to Congress. Reel 4 shows more scenes in India, including views of Gandhi, Nehru, and Smuts. Describes the extent of British participation in the war. Shows scenes of the Navy and of the rescue of a freighter’s crew. Shows Goring and contemporary and 1919 views of John W. Alcock (on his reception in Ireland after flying across the Atlantic Ocean). Reel 5 shows various industrial scenes and describes the conditions of total war. Documents shortages in food and clothing and excesses of taxes. Children are well fed. Churchill speaks to Congress about the coming peace.


Credit to : US Archives

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