Kiev’s Revenge Leads To More Damage To Ukraine

Futile attempts of the Ukrainian Military to Advance

Kiev continues its attempts to take revenge on Russia for the ongoing retaliation strikes on Ukrainian ports, while the futile attempts of the Ukrainian military to advance on the frontlines only result in growing losses.

Russian troops continue to expand their zone of control near Kupyansk. In recent days, they took control of several more strongholds in the areas of Masyutovka and Sinkovka.

The Russian military is also advancing in the area of Svatovo in order to create a buffer zone and secure the Luhansk city agglomeration. The Russian units have already crossed the Zherebets River and took control of strategic heights on the western bank, creating a bridgehead up to 7 km deep in the Ukrainian defenses.

In its turn, the Ukrainian military cannot boast of any victories, despite the ongoing bloody attacks in different directions.

In the area of Artemovsk, Russian forces continue to repel Ukrainian offensives near Berkhovka and do not allow Ukrainian forces to gain a foothold on the heights in the area of Kleshcheyevka.

In the Zaporozhye region, the Ukrainian command continues to throw servicemen into assaults on Rabotino, where the fighting is still ongoing a couple of kilometers from the village.

The battles on the fronts are accompanied by mutual strikes on strategic rear areas.

Last night, explosions thundered in the Sumy region, but the main targets were again the ports in the Odessa region. The previous attacks hit the seaports. However, the last night, facilities on the banks of the Danube River were destroyed, leaving Kiev no way to use river ports to bypass the suspended grain deal.

The Ukrainian military has officially confirmed the damage to the infrastructure of one of the Ukrainian ports on the Danube. Meanwhile, local sources confirmed explosions in two cities, Izmail and Reni, where cargo storage tanks and other facilities were reportedly destroyed.

The day before, Zelensky promised to take revenge on Russia for the ongoing destruction of Ukrainian ports. On the night of July 24, two Ukrainian drones were suppressed by electronic warfare means over Moscow. They probably targeted the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense, but in the end only damaged two non-residential buildings.

At the same time, 17 drones targeted the Crimean peninsula. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, fourteen Ukrainian UAVs were suppressed by electronic warfare, of which three fell on the territory of the peninsula. Three more UAVs were destroyed by air defenses. However, as a result of the attack, an ammunition depot in the Dzhankoy district was hit.

The attacks on Crimea may have at least some military results, the drone raids on Moscow however bring nothing to Kiev militarily, only provoking more Russian retaliation strikes. The Kiev regime is trying its best to create a victorious image in the MSM, making life much worse for the Ukrainian people.
Credit to : South Front

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