Kharkiv. Scouts from 130th Kyiv Territorial Defence Battalion under Russian Fire

I went on Reconnaissance to the Ukrainian-Russian Border

Accompanied by Roman Buczko, cameraman from Lviv, I went on reconnaissance to the Ukrainian-Russian border.
That day, May 29th, President Zelensky visited Kharkiv. At that time none of us knew about it, but Russians must have sensed something. Their missiles, more often than on previous days, were shot to hit the north-eastern part of the city, and in the border areas the fire was irregular, however frequent.
In the team of five soldiers Lock, Cap and Bug were professional rugby players. Lock played in the Ukrainian national team and many European leagues, also in Poland, for 10 years. White is a parachutist and a great marathoner, and Antonio is a young engineer, a security specialist. There is also Max, a physician from the Medical Company, in civilian life a veterinary surgeon from Kyiv. Soldiers from 130th Battalion have a reputation of daring and a bit crazy but also lucky. They defended Kyiv, they were in Bucha and Irpin. They have defended Kharkiv and areas close to the Russian border.
In the distance we can see a column of smoke, the scouts commander decides: “We’ll check what happened there”. We set off towards the town Pytomnyk.
A reportage by Robert Kowalski.
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