“It’s NOT a COUP! It’s a REVOLUTION in Niger, ECOWAS & France are Wrong” Dr Arikana Chihombori

Causes of the recent coup in Niger

Dr Arikana Chihombori, the Former Permanent Representative of the African Union to the United States and one of the continent’s preeminent Pan-African voices, has waded into the conversation surrounding the causes of the recent coup in Niger and the way forward. According to the distinguished diplomat, the Niger coup is different from many others that have occurred on the continent, in the sense that it was genuinely instigated by the Nigerien people in response to dissatisfaction with their status quo, compared to other coups that have been orchestrated by Western powers to serve their interest. She also said the current situation in Niger is not a coup but a revolution or an “ideological realignment of economic, political, and social values.” because the new generation of Africa is waking up. As such, Dr Arikana opined that since the Niger junta has the backing of the masses, dialogue and peaceful resolution is a far better option to handle the situation than an outright military intervention.

Dr Arikana Chihombori’s perspective on the recent events in Niger provides a unique lens through which to understand the situation. She argues that the Niger coup distinguishes itself from previous instances of political upheaval on the continent, as it appears to be a genuine response to popular dissatisfaction with the prevailing status quo, rather than an externally orchestrated power play. By characterizing the events as an “ideological realignment,” she underscores the depth of societal change and the emergence of a more engaged and awakened African generation. This viewpoint underscores the importance of recognizing the nuanced dynamics at play in the Niger situation and challenges the conventional narratives surrounding coups in Africa by highlighting the potential for domestic motivations and broad-based societal sentiments to drive political change.
Credit to : The New Africa Channel

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