Isreal’s Two Front War | IAF fighter Jets Striking Hezbollah Military Infrastructure in Lebanon

Israel-Hamas War entered its Eighth Day

As the Israel-Hamas war entered its eighth day, there seemed no sign of a ceasefire in sight. The fierce battle between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group turned into a two-front war. While Israel is getting ready for the ground invasion on Gaza, it remains engaged at another border. Amid conflict, on October 15, Israeli fighter jets are currently striking Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in Lebanon. Amid this, a report was received regarding a shooting toward IDF soldiers along the border of Lebanon. There have been several reports of tension flaring along the Israeli-Lebanese border, with Israeli forces and Hezbollah exchanging multiple fire. As per the WSJ, the Israeli military on October 13 used a drone to target Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon as tensions at the border intensified. The outbreak of violence came after Hamas launched a deadly attack against Israel, with Israel unleashing a bombing campaign against Gaza.
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Credit to : ANI News

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