Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Erupts Amid US Proxy War in Ukraine

Update on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for October 9, 2023

– As US proxy war in Ukraine continues to tip in Russia’s favor, armed conflict has broken out between Palestinian-based Hamas militants and Israeli forces;

– Israeli-Palestinian tensions stem from the Israeli government’s decades-long occupation of Palestinian territory in violation of international law and laid out specifically in UN resolutions;

– Both Hamas and Israeli forces are currently targeting both military targets and civilians;

-Israel has for decades served the purpose of a foothold for first British then American hegemony in the Middle East;

– Hamas has a problematic background that complicates Palestine’s ability to resolve hostilities between it and Israel;

– Hamas has previously served as a proxy along with Israel in the US proxy war against Syria;

– Israel is requesting additional military aid from a depleted United States, limiting its ability to escalate vs. Hamas and within the wider region;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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