Israel vows Crushing Victory as Gaza ‘Runs out of Body Bags’

Israel vows Crushing Victory as Gaza

It’s day 10 of Israel’s war against Hamas, seven days since it imposed a total siege on Gaza, and the humanitarian situation there grows more desperate by the hour.

Hospitals are near breaking point. Food, water and fuel are running low. And the UN says there aren’t enough body bags for the dead.

More than a million people have fled their homes – many heeding Israel’s order to move south ahead of its ground offensive.

That’s more than doubled the population of Khan Younis to a million. Israel says it’s restored water at one location, and it’s reported to have allowed in a small amount of fuel to power water pumping stations.

All eyes are on Egypt’s Rafah Crossing – the only one not controlled by Israel. It remains shut, despite hopes of a deal to allow aid in and foreigners out.

Gaza’s health ministry says 2,808 people have now been killed in airstrikes there, since 1,400 people were killed in Israel just over a week ago by Hamas – which many countries have designated a terrorist group.

Israel has updated the number of hostages Hamas is holding to 199. And it evacuated residents from 28 communities along its border with Lebanon, where Hezbollah and Hamas – both of which are backed by Iran – have exchanged missiles and artillery fire with Israeli forces.

Warning this report contains distressing content.
Credit to : Channel 4 News

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