Israel Presents the – Mini Harpy -Russian S-300 /S-400 – “Killer”

Flying Munition

The company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled a new model of a “flying munition” under the name Mini Harpy.


The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has posted online a promotional video telling about the new “drone kamikaze” Mini Harpy. According to the developers, the new “disposable” drone designed to fight a variety of enemy vehicles. In a hosted video on the role of targets for drone selected mobile radar, almost one-in-one like all-altitude detector 96Л6Е on the chassis MZKT-7930, used in Russian missile systems s-300 and s-400. Does it mean that the new drone is “locked” on the destruction of the radar stations, is not known.


Currently, information on the new drone is not a lot. The company suggests that Mini Harpy weighs 45 kg, can stay aloft for up to two hours and maintain communication with the operator at a distance of one hundred kilometers. The warhead weight of 8 kg. drone is Developed on the basis of loitering munitions Harop and Harpy. First company IAI showed a line of drones-“kamikaze” in February 2016 at the international exhibition of aerospace industry Singapore Airshow 2016