Invasion – Pictorial Reports From France (1944)

D-day landings, Normandy, France.

Point of view shot from landing craft full of British soldiers as they land on the Normandy beaches. Various shots of troops hitting the beaches from landing craft, at least one soldier gets shot. M/S of Sherman tank and bulldozer coming ashore. Various shots of wrecked German gun emplacements. M/S of soldiers with pneumatic drills drilling concrete, they are demolishing German blockhouses.
Various L/Ss allied naval fleet laying barrage, buildings on coast are seen burning. Various aerial shots of bombers dropping bombs over Northern France. Good shots of bombs falling onto the German retreat.
Various shots taken on British warship; General Dwight Eisenhower and Vice Admiral Sir C. G. Ramsey meet General Montgomery (aka Monty or Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery). M/S of amphibious vehicle (DUKW?) driving from sea onto beach, Monty rides in back. Narrator comments on Monty’s “characteristic disregard for military convention” – he’s wearing a leather jacket and corduroy slacks. Monty steps off vehicles and surveys the beachhead.

Credit to : British Pathé

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