Interview with Hitlers BODYGUARD ROCHUS MISCH about Hitlers last days inside the Berlin Bunker

Rochus Misch talks about his last days in the Bunker

In this interview, Rochus Misch talks about his last days as a telephone operator in the Führer’s bunker and about Hitler’s and Eva Braun’s suicide.
This interview was made in the mid-1990s and is one of the first that Rochus Misch gave. As a direct contemporary witness, he remembers the last days in the Führer bunker in Berlin and the fall of the Third Reich.
On September 24, 1939, Misch was seriously wounded in the arm and by a bullet through the lung during the Polish campaign in the battles for Modlin Fortress.
After his convalescence and on the recommendation of his company commander Wilhelm Mohnke (Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler), Hitler’s chief adjutant at the time assigned Misch to the Führerbegleitkommando.
From 1940 to 1945, he was mainly active in Berlin (New Reich Chancellery), as well as in Berchtesgaden am Obersalzberg and in the Führer’s headquarters.
After Hitler’s cremation, Misch was one of the last to leave the Fuehrer Bunker in the early morning of May 1, 1945, after Goebbels had relieved him of his function as a telephone operator.

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