Inside China’s People’s Liberation Army | Preparing For Dangerous Storms – Part 1 | CNA Documentary

Inside China’s People’s Liberation Army

China’s People’s Liberation Army celebrates its centenary in 2027, what are its goals for this date? The PLA is already the largest army in the world with over 2 million soldiers. It also has the biggest number of warships. But China’s defense budget is still climbing amidst increasing geopolitical tensions. How exactly is the PLA “preparing for Dangerous Storms” as tasked by President Xi?

00:01 Inside the People’s Liberation Army
01:31 Centennial Goals
03:27 PLA Modernization and President Xi
06:19 PLA Budget
07:05 Navy
08:52 Aircraft Carriers
13:09 Soldier Recruitment
18:06 President Xi with pilots
19:55 PLA’s shortcoming
20:50 PLA and Russia
24:45 Ideology Education
29:36 PLA and Taiwan
32:47 Rocket Force
33:56 Nuclear weapons
39:03 Close encounters
41:43 Are we close to war?

About the show: President Xi has asked China to “prepare for Dangerous Storms”. What are the measures being taken in the military, economy, and in the media space?
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Credit to : CNA Insider

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