Inside a German WW2 Tank Destroyer with Historian James Holland

‘Inside a German WW2 Tank Destroyer with Historian James Holland’

James Holland investigates the mighty ‘Jagdpanther’, a German tank destroyer of WWII.
The German Jagdpanther armoured vehicle was proposed in October 1942 and Adolf Hitler inspected a prototype some fourteen months later. A total of 392 were produced by two manufacturers up to March 1945.
The turreted Panther tank mounted a 75mm gun but, by eliminating the turret and adding a fixed superstructure it proved possible to mount a larger gun, the Tiger’s formidable 88mm. The Jagdpanther was also renowned for the exceptional use of sloped armour and it remains a modern, sleek looking design.
Join Military and Second World War Historian James Holland as he analyses this unique and rare tank destroyer, getting inside the vehicle with Mike Gibb from the Weald Foundation.
Credit to : History Hit