Industry sent Russia 1,500 Tanks, 1,400 Missiles, 22,000 UAVs

Industry sent Russia 1,500 tanks, 1,400 missiles, 22,000 UAVs

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has led both Russia and Ukraine to continuously utilize their military technology in order to maintain their respective positions. While Ukraine receives military assistance from its allies, Russia, despite facing heavy Western sanctions on its military-industrial complex, has managed to effectively produce a substantial number of crucial weapon systems. In 2023, the Russian military experienced a significant boost in its arsenal, acquiring over 1,500 tanks, 1,400 rocket and artillery vehicles, and more than 22,000 unmanned aerial vehicles also known as UAVs. This raises a compelling question: How does Russia manage to sustain such elevated production levels of military assets in the face of formidable Western sanctions? Keep on watching to discover the answer to this question
Credit to : Military TV

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