I’m Staying with My Boys; The Heroic Life of Sgt. John Basilone, USMC

Life of Sgt. John Basilone

One of the greatest heroes of The Greatest Generation, John Basilone was lauded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur as “…a one man Army.” Awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions on Guadalcanal, Sgt. Basilone refused to stay out of the war using his notoriety to sell war bonds with Hollywood celebrities. Instead, he threatened the Commandant of the Marine Corps with mutiny, demanding to be returned to active duty saying, “I’m staying with my boys. They need me.” Sgt. Basilone returned to lead the attack on the beaches of Iwo Jima saving many of his boys’ lives. He was killed in the attack. Today a statue honors Sgt. Basilone in his hometown of Raritan, New Jersey.


Credit to : Jim Proser