«I do not know why they were running away like that» How positions are won back from the Russians

The Ukrainian Defense Forces have already liberated 23 settlements in the Kharkiv region. It’s not easy to keep them. the Russians are again shelling the liberated villages, and the locals are afraid that the occupants may come a second time. hromadske with two Kharkiv Generals got into the gray zone — on the territory that is not controlled by either side. Here, Soldiers of the 92nd Brigade, the Kharkiv territorial defence and volunteers from the «Kraken» unit constantly storm the positions occupied by the Russians. Not without success, but also not without losses.
The territory is dangerous, and in just a few minutes our group comes under enemy’s fire. Here we also find shells abandoned by the Russians, which they recently fired at Kharkiv, as well as their self-propelled artillery.
On another of the positions recently abandoned by the Russians during the withdrawal, we find not only personal belongings of the Russian military, but also several fishing rods, apparently stolen by them in one of the shops in Kharkiv region.
Credit to : hromadske