How Ukrainian Artillery Works near Soledar

10th Kolomyia Mountain Assault Brigade

The positions between Siversk and Soledar have been held by the 10th Kolomyia Mountain Assault Brigade for several months. Here the Ukrainian army defends itself and does not allow Russians and mercenaries from the «Wagner» group to surround Bakhmut. Soledar is one of the strategic cities on the way to their goal of the Russians. Fighting continues in the city.
Despite the fact that the situation in this area is the most difficult for the Ukrainian army, hromadske here hears the work of Ukrainian artillery more than Russian. This is confirmed by the battery commander – «Atlas». More than a month ago, the situation changed in the Ukrainian direction. The Russians are no longer bombarding the local land with shells from all types of artillery, which may indicate that they also have problems with ammunition. And they have had problems with accuracy too. Ukrainians, says «Atlas», are better with accuracy. «A group was attacking, 30 of their men, and three our shells fell neatly in the center of them»
The real name of «Atlas» is Serhii. He is the youngest here, but the leader. He is 24 years old. When the war with Russia had just started, Serhii was still at school. He always wanted to be a military man. He studied at the Academy at the Faculty of Missile Forces even when the war was in full swing, preparing for a full-scale war. He went through all the stages – from the squad commander to the battery commander. His wards work both in rain and in cold. But we do not hear any fatigue or complaints. «I am so used to everything, I perceive everything positively», the commander says.
Credit to : hromadske