How to Survive a Systemic Breakdown Crisis

The collapse of the Unipolar World System

As Biden and the Brits are pouring more weapons into Ukraine to perpetuate a war the system they represent needs, a real realignment among nations is underway. On April 12, Putin declared that what is occurring is “the collapse of the Unipolar world system”, and he outlined the scientific and technological breakthroughs which are possible, and can be shared by all sovereign nation states. The potential embodied by this realignment was visible in the deliberations at the April 9 Schiller Institute conference — you can watch the proceedings at the link below, and join with us to break out of the suffocating bubble of the arbitrary Rules-Based Order of the City of London, Wall Street and the governments they control: Conference: For a Conference to Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations | The Schiller Institute
Credit to : The LaRouche Organization