How to Strengthen Ukraine’s Air Defence against Russian Strikes? | To the Point

How to strenghten Ukraine’s air defense against Russian strikes? | To the Point

Exposed and exhausted: things are getting worse on Ukraine’s eastern front as Russian troops advance and airstrikes pummel cities— especially Ukraine’s second-biggest, Kharkiv. Air campaigns are knocking out Ukrainian energy facilities, and Ukraine’s top military commander is warning the situation in the east has “deteriorated significantly”. Two hours north of Kyiv in Chernihiv, the death toll rises again from Russian missiles. Ukraine is calling for more help from the West – more aid from the United States, and better protection. As Russia intensifies its airstrikes campaign, we’re asking: How to strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses?

Our guests:

Yuliya Bidenko, visiting researcher FU Berlin and associate professor at Kharkiv National Professor

Alexander Sorg, fellow at the Center for International Security at The Hertie School in Berlin

Wolfgang Richter, Military expert

00:00 Opener
01:30 The situation in Kharkiv is critical
02:30 Often there is no electricity, but daily life continues
03:45 The Russians want to cut supply chains in Ukraine
05:30 Video: The situation in Kharkiv
07:15 How long can Ukraine hold onto its cities in the east?
08:30 Collapsing frontlines because of personal shortages?
10:15 People try to live their lives, but that gets harder every day
11:50 It is still a costly war for Russia, but Ukraine is increasingly outgunned
12:30 If Ukraine is losing, the West is not doing enough
13:45 The new conscription law will take a long time to be implemented
15:40 Training of new Ukrainian recruits takes at least two month
18:40 Russia is recruiting 30,000 new soldiers every month
19:45 Video: Zelenskyy on more support for air defense
22:45 The difference between Israel and Ukraine in air defense
24:24 The gap the US left since November is being felt now
25:15 Will the US aid package finally be delivered?

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Credit to : DW News

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