How Powerful is China’s New Aircraft Carrier, the Type 003?

Çin’in yeni uçak gemisi Type 003 ne kadar güçlü?

In the new episode of our inventory series, we will explore China’s new aircraft carrier TYPE 03 with you. China, which draws attention with its moves in the economy, politics and military fields, is on the agenda this time with its TYPE 03 aircraft carrier. So why does China need an aircraft carrier? Can it really take on the US Navy? We will look for answers to these questions. While we take a closer look at the features of TYPE 03, we will also examine Turkey’s place on this giant platform. From past to present, China’s aircraft carrier adventure began with HMAS Melbourne, purchased from Australia in 1985. China has strengthened its navy over the years with the information it obtained from this ship. After ships such as Liaoning and Shandong, TYPE 03 represents Beijing’s latest power.

The biggest difference of TYPE 03 is that it improves the takeoff and landing capabilities of the aircraft with the CATOBAR system. Thanks to the EMALS system, planes take off faster and more effectively. This aircraft carrier, named Fujian, has the capacity to carry nearly 60 aircraft and draws attention with its huge structure of 80 thousand tons. However, while building an aircraft carrier requires technical skill and economic power, operating it requires cultural knowledge. China is trying to create its own unique aviation culture by training Western pilots and copying Western designs.

In this section, we will discuss China’s aircraft carrier adventure, the technical details of TYPE 03, and China’s future goals in detail. Thank you for watching us, see you in our new content, goodbye.

00:00 China’s New Aircraft Carrier TYPE 03: Is the Dragon Awakening?
00:48 On the Way to Becoming a Global Power: What are China’s Aggressive Moves?
1:28 History and Strategy: Where Does China’s Need for Aircraft Carriers Come From?
3:05 First Steps: What Did They Aim for by Purchasing HMAS Melbourne?
4:19 Varyag’s Story: What Does the Giant Passing through the Straits of Turkey Mean?
7:14 From Type 01 to Type 03: How Did China’s Aircraft Carrier Development Progress?
8:43 CATOBAR and EMALS: What Do New Technologies Bring to China?
14:15 Technical Details of Fujian: What Does the New Generation Aircraft Carrier Offer?
16:34 Will China Succeed in Training Appropriate Personnel for Aircraft Carriers?
Credit to : GZT

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