How Not to Carry Out an Amphibious Assault in the 18th Century

Amphibious Assault in the 18th Century

NOTE: While this television show starts in the year 1715, apparently this battle takes place two years later, though this does not change any of what I have critiqued to my knowledge.

In an earlier video I made reference to how awful the film series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was in their handling of historic material. While I stand by that statement, I realized later on that the scene I had referenced was not, indeed, from the PotC series!

Rather it came from a television show, called “Black Sails,” which first came out rather recently. Now, I readily admit, I have never seen this programme. So you may need to take some of my complaints with a bit of salt, as there could be some story-reason for one or the other peculiar circumstances we see here.

That said however, taken on its own merits, this scene does not make an awful lot of sense historically or otherwise. While the idea of an opposed landing is not entirely unknown in the 18th Century, this film seems to have tried to recreate the Operation Overlord scene from ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ but with redcoats and pirates. If you were to carry out an opposed-landing in the 18th or early 19th centuries, the reality would look far different! –
Credit to : Brandon F.

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