How Hamas Makes Rockets against Israel | Qassam

How did they manage to create a rocket at Home?

First of all they use some common household ingredients, such as sugar and potassium nitrate, which can be easily obtained as a fertilizer.
Then they Start by melting the sugar, mix in the fertilizer, and pour the resulting mixture into a mold to form a properly-sized propellant slug.
This propellant is subsequently placed into a Round Tube, which serves as the rocket’s body, typically made from locally available water pipes.
You might wonder why sugar is included in the mix.

Sugar contains a substantial amount of energy, but it releases this energy slowly when it burns, and The fertilizer serves as an oxidizing agent, supplying oxygen.

This allows for a much quicker release of energy.
When the right proportions are used, it burns fast enough to propel a rocket, yet not so quickly as to cause an explosion.
Credit to : AiTelly

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