How Did Russia Seize a U.S.-Supplied M2 Bradley in Ukraine

M2 Bradley – Infantry Fighting Vehicle or IFV

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has seen both sides seizing and repurposing military hardware on multiple occasions. A recent and notable event in this series involves the capture of a U.S.-supplied M2 Bradley Infantry fighting vehicle or IFV by Russian forces in Ukraine. Footage shown on Russian television purportedly portrayed the IFV taken on the front line in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, reportedly immobilized by Russian fire and abandoned by its Ukrainian crew.
During the news, the presenter suggested that the seizure of a functional Bradley, one among several dozen supplied by Washington to Ukraine this year, could offer Russian forces insights into its vulnerabilities. This prompts a critical examination of the Bradley’s effectiveness in the ongoing conflict and raises questions about the potential insights Russia might gain from this seizure. Consequently, the question arises: should Russia’s adversaries, especially the United States, be alarmed by this development?
Credit to : Military TV

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