How Did Lancet 3 Find Leopard 2 Tank?

Lancet-3 Combat Drone

The Zala Lancet-3 combat drone is employed by Russia to effectively engage Leopard 2A6 tanks due to its advanced high-explosive anti-tank warhead. Specifically designed to neutralize formidable military targets like tanks, this warhead boasts the ability to penetrate thick layers of armor. Drawing inspiration from anti-tank guided missiles or ATGM, the warhead of the Zala Lancet-3 operates by detonating prior to reaching its target and subsequently fire a projectile that penetrates the target’s armor. This capacity is facilitated by the impressive speed of the Zala Lancet-3 drone, which can reach up to 186 mph during a dive towards the body of a Leopard 2A6 tank. With its high explosive fragmentation and thermobaric warhead, the Zala Lancet-3 drone delivers a devastating impact, effectively penetrating the tank’s armor and inflicting severe damage.
Credit to : Military TV

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