History of the Royal Navy – The King’s Ships (1500-1599)

The King’s Ships

In an exciting miniseries exploring the dramatic rise and decline of English naval power, host Prince Andrew, Duke of York, examines Britannia’s rule of the seas in 16th century. The story begins with the creation of a Royal Navy under orders of the powerful King Henry VIII with ships such as GREAT HARRY and the MARY ROSE. We follow the daring exploits of Sir Francis Drake’s GOLDEN HINDE and the revolutionary innovations of John Hawkins’ race-built Galleons – the backbone of Elizabethan naval power during the Age of Discovery. Finally the climatic showdown with Spain’s Invincible Armada in 1588 laid the groundwork for the dramatic rise of English naval power and Britannia’s Rule of the Seas in the years to come.


Credit to : Ryan Doyle