Highlights Of Farnborough 1951

Farnborough 1951

Aerial shot of planes on the ground at Farnborough. Air to air shots of the G.A.L. 60 with new bogey undercarriage, the Air Speed Ambassador, Vickers Viscount 700. The Private Venture Ground Attack Fighter takes off. Distant shot of it doing aerobatics. VG air to air shots. Four De Havilland Vampires fly in tight formation. A De Havilland Venom takes off showing after burn. The new De Havilland Ceda (?) air to air shots, and the Vickers Super Marine 535 successor the Swift fighter. The Avon engine Hawker 10.67 seen flying low level at high speed to create a “storm of rain” around the wings. Vickers Super Marine 508 takes off. PR3 takes off, the Canberra with Armstrong Sidley engines air to air shots.


The SA4 Bomber taxi’s on the runway, takes off and flies past. Vickers Valiant taxi’s and takes off and flies past. Air to air shots and landing. The Delta Wing high speed research plane Bolton 4P111 vg shots of plane in flight with parachute break landing. Avro 70 7A air to air. The 70 7B takes off and although a Delta wing flies low over the airfield with the aid of “dive brakes”. Air to air shots and landing.


Credit to : British Pathé
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