Harpoon Missile: The Best Anti Ship Missile Ever ( RGM-84, UGM-84, AGM-84 )

Harpoon Missile

The Harpoon (AGM-84, UGM-84, RGM-84) is a type of anti-ship missile (including submarines) that can operate in all weathers, as well as an altitude range above the horizon. This missile was originally developed and manufactured by McDonell Douglas (currently Boeing Defense, Space & Security) and has been in service since 1977. Furthermore, with a diameter of 34 cm, it operates Teledyne CAE J402 turbojet or solid propellant booster for surface and submarine launch which is greater than 600 lbf of thrust. It has maximum speed of 864 km/h or equals to Mach 0.71. Additionally, this missile has been developed with various versions including Harpoon Block 1D, SLAM ATA (Block 1G), Harpoon Block 1J, Harpoon Block II, Harpoon Block II+, Harpoon Block III, Harpoon Block II+ ER.

Credit Military TV