Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda – Germany WW2

Ministry of Propaganda

One of the Nazi Regime’s most important instruments of power, the Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, was established opposite the Reich Chancellery. At first old buildings on Wilhelmplatz square were used; however, they did not offer enough space and were extended with new wings by 1938.


The man in charge of the department, Joseph Goebbels, held a PhD in German Studies and was a brilliant public speaker with a knack for manipulating people. In 1926, the radical fanatic succeeded in building a strong local chapter of the Nazi Party in “Red Berlin”. As party leader of the branch, he made sure aggressive actions were taken against political opponents; street battles between the brown shirt thugs and communists were notorious. He became head of propaganda for the Nazi Party in 1930 and ran their election campaigns very effectively from then on. He developed a fanatic loyalty to Hitler who brought him into his closest circle of power. Goebbels purposely promoted the Führer cult which made Hitler appear as a figure of salvation and redemption to a broad section of the population. His ministry was created soon after the Nazis’ accession to power in March, 1933.


Credit to : Panorama-b Sightseeing Berlin