«Gods of War»: how Ukrainian Artillery Fights the War

How Ukrainian Artillery Fights

“Reconnaissance, artillery, reconnaissance, infantry, cleanup” – the algorithm of the Ukrainian army’s work in the war now looks like. hromadske was lucky to get to the positions of one of the most effective motorized brigades to the east of Kharkiv. In the region, Russian troops are pushed to the border. “I would have gone further,” “Barracuda,” the squadron commander told us, “but it is more clear to the higher command and the higher one there.”
Artillery plays a crucial role in the chain of the effectiveness of the Ukrainian army because, for the most part, the Russian-Ukrainian war is a war of artillery.
hromadske witnesses an artillery barrage in support of infantry, which counterattacks to liberate the next Ukrainian village.
First reconnaissance, then aiming, then “Carnations” [2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery].
The difference between the war of 2022 and the war of 2014-2015, where artillerymen also worked, is that now, almost immediately after the work of Ukrainian artillery, Russian artillery begins to fire at the positions that Ukrainian artillery used. Therefore it is necessary to work very effectively. Effective now is a maximum of three shots on target. And yet – very quickly, so as not to become a goal yourself.
Credit to : hromadske