Globalists Are Prepping FINLAND To Be The Next Proxy-War

Globalists Are Prepping FINLAND To Be The Next Proxy-War | Prof. Tuomas Malinen

Ukraine was sacrificed on the altar of neocon globalist world-domination fantasies. And the people responsible for this are not done with Europe. The crazy thing is, that the globalist elites of European nations are fine with the prospect of their states becoming the next proxy-war battle ground. They are whole heartedly invested in Trans-Atlantic world domination. No better example of this than what is currently happening in Scandinavia.

On Monday, July 1, Finland’s parliament approved unanimously a brand new military treaty with the US, granting the US—not NATO—unprecedented military rights in 15 bases, just next to Russia’s North-Western border.

What is happening here? How did we go from Finnish neutrality to unfettered US base building in less than 2 years? I know we have talked about this before here but it’s a monumental shift in Europe’s security structure that deserves a lot of attention.

To help make sense of it, I reached out to Tuomas Malinen, wo is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki and the CEO and the Chief Economist of GnS Economics, a macroeconomic consultancy firm. He specialises in economic growth, economic crises, central banks, the business cycle, and he also talks about Finnish foreign policy on TwitterX, which is where I found him.
Credit to : Neutrality Studies

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