“Global Britain” Using U.N. To Smear and Destroy Russia

Using U.N. To Smear and Destroy Russia

The U.S.-U.K.-NATO drive to isolate and destroy Russia was on display at yesterday’s U.N. Security Council hearing, which turned over the investigation of charges that Russia is committing war crimes to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General — Talk about “we’ll give ’em a fair trial, then we’ll hang ’em!” The real war criminals, those behind the anti-Russia provocations, in defense of their plans for a world dictatorship, are counting on media lies and disinformation to keep the citizens of western nations on the sidelines, using psychological warfare techniques through their control of media to confuse and demoralize the population — to soften you up to accept a new global central bankers’ dictatorship. Join us to stop them, register here for our April 9 conference:
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