German Social Democrats Hesitant on Tank Deliveries to Ukraine 

Why Germany continues to be Cautious

In an exclusive DW interview with Political Correspondent Anja Köhler, Ralf Stegner, parliamentary leader of the Social Democrats, talks about future military deliveries to Ukraine and why Germany continues to be cautious.

He also argued for a more varied approach to the conflict. “We not only have the military dimension of working together but we also have the political, diplomatic, economic dimension.”

When asked how diplomacy could look like, he maintained “the problem with diplomacy is, if it wants to be successful, it has to be behind closed doors.”

He also questioned whether the war could be won by military means. “I am very skeptical that it will be the military that decides about the future peace order in Europe.”

In defense of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz he also said, “our chancellor, who is always criticized for being too slow, deliberating, (…), that has a lot of support in the public, our public, our population, people you talk to on the streets and you see that in the polls. Therefore we should be calm and do what we have done so far.”

He further warned that “We have a lot of common interests with Ukraine, but the interests are not identical”, referring in part to the no-fly zone that Ukraine asked for and emphasizing the importance of NATO not being pulled into the conflict.

Commenting on the remarks of a Duma representative that called for attacks on Foreign Minister Baerbock in Kharkiv, Stegner responded: “This is outrageous.”

In light of recent pressure to send further military equipment to Ukraine, he also maintained “It’s not smart to follow up on public pressure, we won’t do that.”
Credit to : DW News