German News Report : From The Eastern Front 1941

Eastern Front 1941

Deutsche Wochenschau (English: German Weekly Review) from fighting on the eastern front in 1941 with english subtitles. This video captures combat seen from the perspective of the German Wehrmacht from various frontlines on the eastern front in 1941.


00:06 – 1:28 : Soviet aerial attack on german airfield with following german counter strike.

1:29 – 2:02 German XXXVI Corps with the Finnish 6th Division attack on Soviet positions in Salla, Eastern Lapland in an operation code-named Polarfuchs.

2:03 – 3:31 – German aerial bombardement on Soviet positions in Salla.

3:32 – 4:38 German planes attacking Soviet ships in the White Sea.

4:39 – 6:03 Members of the German Wehrmacht and Waffen SS in combat with soviet troops during the advance on Kiev, Ukraine. Soviet POV´s shown at 5:16

6:04 – 10:26 Wehrmacht in combat around Minsk and fighting at the Stalin Line a line of fortifications along the western border of the Soviet Union.

10:27 – 13:06 German bomber squadrons attacking Soviet troops near Lake Peipus.

13:07 – 14:54 German ground troops fighting with Soviet Forces at Lake Peipus.

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