German ‘Apex Predator’ Unveiled Amid Putin’s Ukraine War: KF51 Panther Superior to Russian Armata?

Ukraine War

Germany has unveiled the first prototypes of an advanced battle tank, KF51 Panther, at the Paris Eurosatory exhibition. The new German tank is said to be capable of easily outgunning the T-14 of the Russian army. The Panther is being seen as the successor to Leopard 2, which has been Germany’s primary battle tank for decades. The Panther launch comes as Europe looks to bolster defence capabilities in wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. What makes the Panther ‘most lethal’ battle tank? German KF51 Panther better than Russian T-14 Armata? #RussiaUkraineWar. #GermanPantherTanks. #KF51PantherBattleTanks. #RussianT14Armata

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