Generation War: The German as the Victim of WWII

Generation War Mini Series

Everyone is familiar with the Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryans and Inglorious Basterds of the world by now. However, there are some very worthwhile series about the Second World War not made by Hollywood that are still very much worth watching.


Generation War (known as Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter in Germany) is a unique twist to the usual WWII tale in that it follows the war from the perspective of five German friends, two of which are even soldiers themselves. Though this might seem like the premise of an unsympathetic and uncharacteristic story for some, it is in fact a surprisingly well-made and gripping story to follow in which sympathy for the German people, usually so abhorred in WWII media, can actually be found. In this video, I give a short review about the series before diving deep into the history behind the story that’s being told in Generation War. Among other things, I will look into its historicity and the claims it makes in its storytelling, as well as controversies that arose following its international release.


Credit to : Hipstorian