Frontline Tank Battle Avdiivka Russia Ukraine War (Special Report)

Frontline Tank Battle

With so much news of losses and gains Across the Ukraine – Russia Warzone, it is necessary to look at the real situation at an individual level. Avdiivka is one of the strongholds of the Ukrainian forces near Donetsk. From Avdiivka Ukraine forces have been shelling Donetsk for over 8 years. Donetsk is the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic, one of the 4 areas that passed Russian-backed referendums to join Russia last week( these include Kherson, Zaporozhya regions and the Lugansk people’s Republic). In this report, I show you what the situation is on the Avdiivka Frontline and you will see the large tank battle that broke out. While there we met many soldiers in Russia but in the “Battalion Angel” . You may remember the soldier nick name “Angel”, we made many interviews with him during the heavy battle of Mariupol, and at our viewer’s request soon we will interview him again.
Credit to : Patrick Lancaster

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