Frontline Crumbling, RU Seizes The Initiative – How Did This Happen? – Ukraine War Map Analysis/News

Frontline Crumbling

G’day Legends, I hope you’re doing well, Today we talk about the Russia’s winter offensive and look at the war map updates.
If you’re new here thanks for coming across, I served in the Australian Infantry from 2014-2021, With a tour to Afghanistan as a crew commander of a Armoured Mobility Vehicle.
Upon my Return I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a Incurable and Inoperable Brain tumour that is slowly killing me. I was also awarded the Queens Order of Australia Medal (OAM) hence the post nominals after my name. Then Being medically separated from the Army I flew to Ukraine in 2022 for 6.5months and now make content full time. I really appreciate you being here Thankyou
Credit to : Willy OAM

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