Frontline Battle Intensifies Near Gorlovka And Artyomovsk / Bakhmut

Frontline Battles are Intensifying In The Russia Ukraine War

Now that winter is setting in, Frontline Battles are Intensifying In The Russia Ukraine War. I have traveled to the Frontline areas near Gorlovka in the Direction of Artyomovsk / Artemivsk / Bakhmut to show you what the situation there is. FULL LENTH DOCUMENTARY (MUST WATCH ALL)
It is very important to understand there is more to this war then just frontline battles. This is why in this report I show not only Frontline areas but also the civilians that live in the areas that were under the control of Ukraine for the last 8 years but recently became under the control of Russia and the Donetsk People’s Republic forces. I find it very necessary to show how civilians are affected by war and also what the local authorities have to say on the current situation. This is why in this full-length Documentary on the situation in and around Gorlovka I show everything from Frontline Former Ukrainian military positions, Talking to civilians in and soldiers in territory Russia has recently taken control of to show you how the war affects the civilian population by speaking to locals and local authorities and showing you the results of many attacks on civilians by Ukrainian forces (including USA supplied Himars attacks).
Again we can not cover every story from every place but we can do our best and of course, always bring you our reports with full English and Russian translations.
Credit to : Patrick Lancaster

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