From SAS Soldier to Brad Pitt’s Bodyguard 

From SAS Soldier to Brad Pitt’s Bodyguard | Extraordinary Lives Podcast | @LADbible

In this weeks episode of Extraordinary Lives, we speak to Billy Billingham, a decorated military leader who served in the SAS for over 20 years. The SAS is famous for its gruelling selection process and are rightfully considered one of the best special forces in the world. After his military career, Billy became a bodyguard and looked after A-list celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He is now Chief Instructor on Channel 4’s hit show SAS: Who Dares Wins.

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With thanks to Billy for taking part! Billy will be touring the UK this Autumn with his new theatre show. Follow Billy on Instagram @billingham22b for new tour dates & venues.

Find out more about Billy’s & his wife’s charity and ethical fashion brand

This is a LADbible vodcast presented by Ben Powell-Jones. In this series, we speak to people with a unique life story to tell. From a North Korea escapee to an undercover cop, a Cold War spy to a shipwreck survivor. Hosted by LADbible’s Ben-Powell Jones, this series is a window into remarkable experiences – with stories that paint a picture of extraordinary lives.

Host: Ben Powell-Jones, Twitter: @BenPowellJones

00:00 – 01:04 Intro
01:04 – 16:17 Growing Up
16:17 – 33:42 Early Military Career
33:42 – 51:25 SAS Selection
51:25 – 01:00:06 Life in the SAS
01:06:00 -1:15:43 Becoming a Celebrity Bodyguard
01:15:43 – 01:23:24 SAS: Who Dares Wins
01:23:24 – 01:25:13 Life Lesson

Credit to : LADbible TV

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