Friday’s Questions — What Is Putin’s Goal in Ukraine?

Ukraine War

While the mainstream media has proven to be nothing but a brainwashing tool run by Anglo-American financial oligarchs and their Military-Industrial-Complex, there is a way to know what’s going on in Ukraine: Listen to what Putin is saying! He spelled out his goals yesterday — a demilitarized Ukraine, and a de-Nazified Ukraine. While some, such as Blinken, scoff at that, there are Nazis in positions of influence in Ukraine, who have threatened Pres. Zelensky whenever he threatens to move away from a confrontation with Russia. Why do western nations cover up for the Nazis in Ukraine? Because they are key to the intent of the Trans-Atlantic powers, which is to destroy Russia, to remove them as an obstacle to their attempt to consolidate a global dictatorship under the guise of a “Great Reset” and a “Green New Deal.”SHOW MOREAllLiveRecently uploaded

Credit The LaRouche Organization

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